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Products & Treatments Available at Omarosa include:

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Laser Hair Removal


Introducing CACI Synergy

Introducing Lash Lift

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Introducing CACI Synergy

A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI Synergy machine.
CACI face lift treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin.
Check out its results below as well as some of its reviews.

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Omarosa is a friendly and highly professional laser hair removal and skin care clinic where for the past 10 years we have been offering exclusive range of services to our clients.

All services are designed to suit individual requirements, whether its a simple eyebrow thread or more high end treatment like skin tightening or laser hair removal. Omarosa helps you escape from the stresses and pressures of every day living while you’re being pampered in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

We currently have our main clinic (at 126 Stratford Road, Shirley) offering a full range of Aesthetics and Beauty Treatments. A walk-in brow and waxing bar (at 350 Stratford Road, Shirley). 

We also have a beauty salon offering walk in threading, waxing and beauty treatments in Henley in Arden within Head Turners hair Salon.

Our full Salon Policy is available on request.

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Our Partners



  • I never, ever thought laser would work on someone with such dark body hair as me but I trusted Paz's advice and she was right. I will never have to shave/wax again and I'm delighted with the results.

    Clare Carroll - Laser (Arms, Legs, Face & Underarms)
  • Great results from the Soprano XL, better results compared to other high street operators. Great product, great prices and great service! Thanks to all at Omarosa.

    Anjna Farmah - Laser on Many Areas
  • Having had laser treatment before, with less than satisfactory results, it is important to appreciate that the operator is as vital as good machine. With Paz you get both, at a very competitive price.

    A Satisfied Client! - Laser Hair Removal
  • I love coming to omarosa the girls are fab.

    Roseanne Hewitt - Everything
  • I cannot recommend Paz highly enough - her massages in my opinion are the best I have ever experienced across the UK. She is one of the nicest people I know and I feel privileged to be treated by her.

    Amanda Tullah - Hydrotherapy & Swedish
  • I have been receiving CACI facial treatment and hydratone facial at Omarosa for a few years now and as an anti-ageing and moisturising/toning in facial its brilliant!

    Vicky Hollingsworth - CACI
  • So happy with the service never felt so confident in myself and would recommend you to everyone - fantastic!!!

    Debbie Brown - Spray Tan
  • Omarosa is a amazing clinic by far the best clinic I have been to for any laser treatment and the staff is amazing.  

    Sonia Razaq - Laser Hair Removal
  • I have been impressed with how effective the laser hair removal has been - it has made a huge difference to me. The staff are always polite, friendly and very professional. I would highy recommend Omarosa to others.

    Jen Whale - Laser Hair Removal
  • I wished I had had this treatment years ago. Definately worth the money. I found it pain free, quick and easy - get this treatment now!!!

    Charlotte Delahay - Laser Hair Removal
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