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Products & Treatments Available at Omarosa include:

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Aesthetics Treatments

skin care

CACI Synergy

Beauty Treatments


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Our Most Popular Services Include

Promax Lipo

A brand new multi-functional device that has been uniquely designed to offer the three most popular face & body treatments: Inch loss, Cellulite reduction & Skin tightening.

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    Laser Hair Removal

    How many times have you wished you no longer had to shave, pluck or wax your unwanted hair? Have you pushed off laser hair removal due to fears of pain or burns? Now there’s a virtually painless and extremely safe method to permanently reduce unwanted hair.

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      Caci Synergy Non Surgical Face Lift

      A CACI non surgical face lift is an electronic beauty treatment using a CACI Synergy machine. CACI face lift treatments lift the face by toning facial muscles, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and preventing sagging skin.

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        Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair through the means of a probe or needle inserted into the hair follicle. There are three different methods available on the market, Galvanic electrolysis, Thermolysis/Diathermy/Short Wave Electrolysis and Blend Electrolysis.

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          Beauty Treatments

          At Omarosa, we specialise in a number of beauty treatments including : waxing for both men & women, eyebrow & eyelash treatments, ear piercing, make
          overs and much more.

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            Fake Tan

            pray Tanning is now more popular than ever before thanks to the developments in product formulations and application equipment. Spray tanning for a natural
            looking tan – A professional spray tan that’s good for you.

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              Holistic Treatments

              At Omarosa, we specialise in a number of holistic treatments including: massage, aromatherapy, hot stone therapy, hopi ear candle and much more.

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                A manicure or pedicure, which normally takes between 45 and 60 minutes, manicureinvolves shaping the client’s nails, tidying the nail cuticles, moisturising the hands, feet and nails, massaging and, finally, either buffing the nails or applying nail enamel, depending on the client’s preference.

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                  Omarosa is a friendly and highly professional laser hair removal and skin care clinic where for the past 10 years we have been offering exclusive range of services to our clients.

                  All services are designed to suit individual requirements, whether its a simple eyebrow thread or more high end treatment like skin tightening or laser hair removal. Omarosa helps you escape from the stresses and pressures of every day living while you’re being pampered in a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

                  We currently have our main clinic (at 126 Stratford Road, Shirley) offering a full range of Aesthetics and Beauty Treatments. A walk-in brow and waxing bar (at 350 Stratford Road, Shirley). 

                  We also have a beauty salon offering walk in threading, waxing and beauty treatments in Henley in Arden within Head Turners hair Salon.

                  Our full Salon Policy is available on request.

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                  Our Partners



                  • Delightful, detailed and divine are three words to summarise Sunie. Having had treatments from her for over a year, the sessions have always been filled with laughter – which, by the way, is a great pain relief! But it’s not all fun and games, Sunie does take her work very seriously and prides herself on ensuring her clients see the results of their treatment. I can vouch for that. I truly enjoy having Sunie as my practitioner and I have never doubted the quality of her work. It goes without saying that I fully recommend using Sunie to anyone who is new to clinical beauty treatments, she is honest in her guidance and is more than willing to provide you with thorough information so you are fully aware about your chosen course. Thank you for a great service Sunie!

                  • Treatment- laser comment - i have had a wonderful result with the laser treatment. The staff are so friendly and I would recommend omarosa to all my friends

                  • Treatment laser hair removal It's been emotional.  It's not an easy process admitting you have extra hair. I have extra hair, alot of it. In fact it's affecting my life a lot. My life is about my life. Sunie has done magic. I don't know how but every time seems to be easier and relaxed. The process has been nothing but overly comfortable. Thank you Sunie & Omarosa

                  • Treatment laser hair removal Since May 2016 Sunie has been lazering me.  I have purchased 8 full body treatments & I have never been so happy.  After a few months I had the confidence to wear strapless tops and dresses and not worry about if people could see my hair. My facial hair has been reduced drastically and I can tie my hair up in a ponytail and not care. Thank you Sunie & Omarosa.

                  • I have been receiving CACI facial treatment and hydratone facial at Omarosa for a few years now and as an anti-ageing and moisturising/toning in facial its brilliant!

                    Vicky Hollingsworth - CACI
                  • Omarosa is a amazing clinic by far the best clinic I have been to for any laser treatment and the staff is amazing.  

                    Sonia Razaq - Laser Hair Removal
                  • I wished I had had this treatment years ago. Definately worth the money. I found it pain free, quick and easy - get this treatment now!!!

                    Charlotte Delahay - Laser Hair Removal
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                  Omarosa Beauty & Laser Clinic
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